Terrorism by the State

When we hear of terrorism, the fiercest monster appears before us is -the state- a hydra-headed one. Its fangs terrorise an individual. Hence, before we talk of tackling terrorism, we must try to defang this cyclops. In the present state of affairs, the state seems to be at the loggerheads with the people, while the case would have been different.

I therefore, invite the intellectuals of the world to unitedly find out a solution how to re-create a state in which an individual can live with dignity. The state which enjoys power by virtue of its people should work like a trustee not like a leviathan which swallows the individuality of its subjects.

Internet has provided us a forum by which we can revolutionise the world. Let’s meet and discuss a solution. We have nothing to lose but our chains of serfdom. The state has failed. If we also fail, the state will keep on cashing on our failure. Wake up from the somnolence and rejuvinate- let us create a society, where every one including animals, birds and beasts, flora and fauna cohabit in harmony. This is what nature wants us to do.


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