Bharat Punarnirman

India is a land of the great sages and saints. Nature has endowed it with abundant splendour. It is rich in its traditions like ‘vasudhev kutumbukam’ and ‘sarve bhavantu sukhinah’. Having said this, this land of the divinity has been plundered by invaders and encrochers of all hues. We have never acted like a strong nation. The curse is still on us in the form of secularism. We have more enemies within than outside. This characteristic has been our bane from time immemorial. We could never unite against those who openly looted our country. The britishers fully exploited our weaknesses and ruled over us for more than two centuries. Before them, the huns, kushans, mangols, shuks, moghals, turks all raped this country.

There was a golden opportunity for us in our independence as it was the result of so many patriots and their sacrifice. Many writers contributed to that awakening in us. We had great patriots like Bhagat Singh, Sukh Dev and statesmen like Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar Patel, Ram Manohar Lohiya, JB Kriplani, JP Narain, Lal Bahadur Shastri. They were all great leaders who had dreamed of an India which they thought would find her unique place among the comity of nations. Alas, there was some thing else in store for us. We came back to our original habit of hero worshipping and flattery and Gandhi became Mahatma and Nehru became Chacha. There was no dearth of the chumchas, who flourished and have still been thriving by looting the country with impunity. We do not know any one else except Nehru and Gandhi. How Indira married to one Phiroz Khan became Gandhi is also shrouded in a mystery though why she became Gandhi is clear. Nehru knew well that Gandhi was an icon and cult which the slaves in India can never forget. Gandhi perhaps wanted his legacy to be passed on to the generations through Indira’Gandhi’ as he was apprehensive about his own sons. This is serving the dual purpose- both the dynasties Nehru and Gandhi are alive. They will remain so till some calamity natural or man made takes place. The requisites to carry this legacy forward are: to divide the society in caste and comunal lines; to let the people remain illiterate and mentally backward; to accommodate goondas in the parliament; to make the babus in IAS and IPS subservient to netas; to weaken the Chiefs of Armed Forces and more importantly not to allow merit to prosper and grow to let mediocracy be the mantra of survival!

Till a few years ago, we did not allow any other brand of car except the one ambassador owned by Birlas and Fiat. Similar was the case with two wheelers only Bajaj was available in black. (Coincidentally, both Birla and Bajaj were close to Gandhi.) For a telephone connection we needed the recommendations of neta ji and again petrol pumps were also their largess. All netas become one when it is the hike in their salary and perks and recent OoP is the supreme example of their unity.

What is needed is not only to study the history of India again but also to re-write it by her resurgence. Enough of Gandhigiri, goondagiri and chamchagiri. Let’s all unite once again to bring her back to its pristine glory.

Jai Hind!


Terrorism by the State

When we hear of terrorism, the fiercest monster appears before us is -the state- a hydra-headed one. Its fangs terrorise an individual. Hence, before we talk of tackling terrorism, we must try to defang this cyclops. In the present state of affairs, the state seems to be at the loggerheads with the people, while the case would have been different.

I therefore, invite the intellectuals of the world to unitedly find out a solution how to re-create a state in which an individual can live with dignity. The state which enjoys power by virtue of its people should work like a trustee not like a leviathan which swallows the individuality of its subjects.

Internet has provided us a forum by which we can revolutionise the world. Let’s meet and discuss a solution. We have nothing to lose but our chains of serfdom. The state has failed. If we also fail, the state will keep on cashing on our failure. Wake up from the somnolence and rejuvinate- let us create a society, where every one including animals, birds and beasts, flora and fauna cohabit in harmony. This is what nature wants us to do.